The Pros and Cons of Buying from an Online Ticket Provider

Digital ticketing offers many high school athletic fans a convenient solution. Not only does it save time and reduce risks associated with paper ticketing systems, it can also make attendance at games more assured than buying paper tickets alone.

However, Craigslist isn’t perfect; some sellers may overcharge and scams may exist. Buyers should exercise common-sense precautions such as carefully inspecting tickets before paying in cash; additionally, due to no vetting protocols in place on Craigslist it remains a potentially risky marketplace.


NBA games are one of the most beloved sporting experiences available to Americans, and seeing one live can be an unforgettable memory. NBA fans enjoy thrilling matchups while college hoops fans get plenty of action before March Madness rolls around. Even for dedicated supporters though, purchasing tickets can often prove frustrating and time-consuming processes at arenas.

Season ticket buyers sometimes find it challenging to attend all home games due to work or other commitments; therefore many sell them on resale marketplaces for the convenience of experiencing some action without purchasing an entire game’s ticket. This is an understandable choice that allows fans to still experience some part of the stadium action without paying full price for every ticket purchased for every home game.

Unfortunately, ticket sellers who fail to take the time and care in listing their tickets correctly risk missing out on potential buyers and having unusable tickets as soon as the team loses interest and drops out of playoff contention, prompting ticket prices to quickly decline leaving sellers with tickets they cannot use.

As ticket sellers, it is essential that they can list their tickets across several marketplaces so they have plenty of options and can find the most competitive pricing for their tickets. Since prices may differ significantly depending on where the seller lists their event tickets, it may be beneficial for sellers to shop around before listing to gain a better sense of market pricing.

Online ticket providers also reduce contact between sellers and purchasers of tickets, which is important given recent safety protocols related to handling paper money. According to one Federal Reserve study, physical money can change hands up to 55 times before it reaches its destination, creating security and safety risks for the individual holding onto it.

Since the NBA draft has recently taken place and free agency has begun in full swing, along with exciting trades that involve superstar players being traded around, ticket resale values have never been higher across many teams in the league. This allows fans to easily locate quality tickets for watching their team live – it truly makes it exciting being an NBA fan!


Experienced the thrills and spills of basketball up close can only be replicated through personal viewing. Not only is the NBA filled with some of the most talented athletes ever assembled on one court at once; college games offer their own thrills too.

Many people assume purchasing tickets at the arena will save them money, but this is not always true. Additionally, purchasing tickets at an arena may be a tedious and time-consuming experience.

Online ticket brokers make the ticket purchasing experience simpler and more efficient for fans. Sites like Stub-Hub make this task even simpler: fans can search tickets based on location, event type or even their favorite team! Furthermore, fees and additional add-ons are clearly laid out upfront so there are no surprises when checking out. Furthermore, certain websites allow fans to sort tickets based on “deal score”, providing the best value for their money.

As another advantage of purchasing tickets online, selecting your seating in advance is often possible compared to purchasing them at the arena. Furthermore, some individuals cannot attend every home game of their favorite team due to work or family obligations; when this occurs it may make sense to list tickets on resale marketplaces for sale in order to maximize resale values before teams slip out of playoff contention; it is advisable to list your tickets early so as to maximize resale values of tickets sold back onto them later on resale marketplaces before prices decrease dramatically once this happens so it makes sense for people selling resale marketplaces to list tickets resale marketplaces!

An effective ticket provider will also offer valuable analytics and reports, providing the data that can help improve marketing and sales programs to increase ticket sales. They will help track key metrics like total orders, daily sales and where your leads come from.

Simply put, digital ticketing will give your fans the convenience they expect while increasing sales and improving fan experience at your stadium or arena by reducing congestion.


Athletic administrators need a plan in place for meeting people’s expectation of purchasing tickets online, and taking into account how this expectation could impact ticket sales. They will need to decide whether to accept cash payments, as this could alter ticket sales significantly. They’ll also need to find a reputable vendor and ensure their website satisfies all necessary security regulations – particularly regarding consumer financial data security – or risks being compromised and selling counterfeit or overpriced tickets from fake sites that appear official like venues, theaters, or sports teams selling fake or overpriced tickets that could sell counterfeit or overpriced tickets – in this instance athletic administrators need a plan on how they’ll fulfill this expectation of their audience members.

An additional advantage of digital ticketing is reducing the amount of contact needed for fans to get into stadiums or arenas. When physical tickets change hands several times before reaching ticket takers at gates, safety and security risks become an issue; digital ticketing eliminates this risk as people can simply present them on their smartphones or tablets for admission.

Customer Service

Additionally, companies offering ticket purchases online also often provide customer support via phone or chat if someone encounters issues with their ticket or cannot complete their transaction due to technical issues. This can be especially useful if someone experiences trouble purchasing their tickets or cannot complete their transaction for some other reason.

Customer service that fosters trust with potential ticket buyers can go a long way towards increasing sales and guaranteeing attendance at basketball games. Furthermore, certain companies provide marketing tools within their software that help promote events more effectively; this can increase ticket sales while guaranteeing excellent attendance levels at games.

Customer service is essential when purchasing tickets online, especially from established companies with highly trained representatives who can answer any queries or address issues that may arise during your experience. Doing this will not only ensure a seamless purchasing experience but will also keep customers loyal to your brand.

The 2022-2023 NBA season kicks off soon, so now is the time to plan when you will buy tickets to watch your favorite team. It is vital that your ticketing program is prepared so there are no unexpected issues that delay or derail them. Luckily, you can get tickets here at any time of the week.

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Post Author: Steve Gonzalez