Incorporating Crystals for Manifestation and Intentions

Crystals have been used for centuries to help people manifest their goals and intentions. It is important to know which crystals to use and how to incorporate them into your manifesting rituals.

Choosing the right crystal for your specific intention will be more beneficial than using any generic stone. Here are some of our favorite crystals for incorporating into your manifestation ritual:


Among the crystals that make the most sense for incorporating into your intention setting are those that can help with manifestation. Citrine is one such gem, as it’s known to amplify intentions and attract abundance. It’s also a helpful crystal to help jolt the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with confidence and power.

As a member of the quartz family, citrine (also known as golden amethyst) is an excellent stone to use when working on manifesting. The yellow-colored crystal evokes optimism and enthusiasm, and it’s been known to encourage the spirit of generosity and giving. It’s also a popular choice for helping with money matters, and has been used to attract wealth for centuries.

Citrine can help you shift from a negative mindset to an optimistic, hopeful one that encourages your own self-love. This helps you feel more empowered to let go of fears, worries, and other things that keep you stuck in the past. It also allows you to see what the future holds with a sense of optimism and hope, so that you can move forward with clarity and zest.

In addition to inspiring positive self-talk, citrine can also help you release emotional blockages. For example, if you struggle to trust others, it can encourage you to foster more meaningful connections. It can also help you learn to appreciate and celebrate your strengths and vulnerabilities, which can foster a stronger sense of self-love.

This crystal can be especially powerful when paired with Rose Quartz, another stone that’s known to bring love and compassion to your life. Together, these two crystals can teach you to embrace both your strengths and your vulnerabilities, while embracing yourself for who you are as a beautiful human being.

Using citrine to inspire your intentions can be as simple as holding the crystal in your hands and stating your goals out loud. Repeating your goals can help you imprint them in both the stone and your own psyche, so that they become more real to you. You can also place a piece of citrine in your home or office for its uplifting energy, or carry it with you to help keep your intentions top of mind.


Selenite is a crystal that is known to help clear congestion from one’s energy body, as well as their home. It is a popular choice to use for cleansing and charging other crystals due to its natural properties of clearing, protecting and grounding. It also helps one to connect with their higher self and encourages spiritual growth and clarity.

Often referred to as “liquid light”, it is a very gentle and effective cleanser that shifts energies quickly, releasing heavy emotions and moving in new, joyous directions. It helps to ease the mind and heart into a state of neutrality, clearing away negative feelings like anger, jealousy, doubt, or fear. It is a very powerful crystal for opening and awakening the Crown Chakra (located at the top of the head), which enables us to see ourselves from a more expansive perspective.

Due to its fine linear striations, Selenite is believed to carry information from the past and present, as well as future possibilities. It can be used to connect with the Akashic records, a repository of knowledge and learning that dates back billions of years. It is also a useful tool for accessing the between-lives state, to gain insight into issues from this lifetime and how they can best be resolved.

Another wonderful thing about Selenite is its ability to hold affirmations, which can be an incredibly effective way of manifesting and supporting our intentions. When working with Selenite, it is a good idea to find a quiet space where you can be alone and free from distractions. It is also helpful to do a few deep breaths before beginning.

Once you feel calm and centered, begin with the intention of what you would like to bring into your life. Focus on the positive outcome of what you are intending. Visualize the outcome in detail, allowing your energy to move in the direction of what you desire. Keep the intention in your mind’s eye as you begin to work with your stone. Repeat the affirmation to yourself several times, holding your selenite in your hand as you do so.


A fiery, orange stone that evokes desert storms and jungle sunsets, Carnelian is brimming with an energy to awaken your own dormant flame of creativity. It’s not called the Artists Stone for nothing; it’s known to ignite the spark in your heart and soul to unleash your inner creative genius!

As a protective stone, Carnelian is the go-to when you need help dealing with fearful situations that can shake your foundations. It shields you from energies that drain your health, and if you’re an empath or highly sensitive, this can be especially beneficial for you. Carnelian can also help you smooth out discord within your tribe or community and encourages harmonious connections that bring peace to all involved.

Carnelian can help you break out of a rut, boosting your motivation to keep moving forward with your goals and dreams. It’s said to strengthen your self-esteem and allow you to feel good about yourself in the process of achieving your goals, giving you the courage to move into your truth. It’s also a great stone for removing negativity from your life, and can help you come to terms with the fact that all things must pass.

The energy of this crystal isn’t just for the mind – it’s said to energize your physical body, encouraging you to stay active. It’s known to stimulate circulation and energize your muscles, making it an excellent choice for those struggling with back problems or arthritis. Carnelian can also help you become more aware of your personal boundaries so you can say no when needed without feeling guilty.

To program a stone for your intentions, place it in your hand and clear your mind as much as possible. Then focus and be really clear on what you want, imagining how it would make you feel or what your reality would look like if that intention was to come true. Once you’re done, hold the crystal in your hand and give thanks. Be sure to touch it often so that the energy is infused into your physical being as well! Make sure to check out the Australian Crystal Shop to find the crystal you want and need!

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a crystal that’s often called “the Jack of all Trades and Master of All” for its expansive healing properties and ability to boost any intention. It’s often used as a focal point for crystal grids, a tool that amplifies intentions, goals and dreams into reality.

Like a school teacher, Clear Quartz helps to bring order and clarity where there might be chaos or confusion. It’s also a powerful tool for those looking to understand their higher purpose and cultivate self-awareness.

During meditation sessions, Clear Quartz is known to help with concentration and clearing the mind of clutter, allowing for a deeper connection to the inner self and a clearer understanding of one’s intentions. In addition to this, it’s a great crystal for those who want to manifest their intentions into reality because it can help remove the ego from decision-making and allow a greater sense of personal power and enlightenment to come through.

To use Clear Quartz to manifest your intentions, simply hold the stone in your receiving hand (usually the left hand) and get really clear in your mind about what you want to attract or bring into your life. Then, envision it and feel it in every part of your body. Ask the crystal to assist you in bringing it into fruition and thank it. Once you’ve infused your crystal with your intention, carry it with you or keep it near you in the home to continue amplifying your energies and bringing your dreams to life.

Another way to activate your Clear Quartz crystal is to cleanse it with water, infusing it with fresh new energy before using it. For the best results, Leavy recommends cleansing crystals often. You can also leave them to charge under a full moon or incorporate it into smudging rituals to clear away stagnant energy and invite new opportunities into your life. Additionally, you can keep your crystals charged by carrying them around with you or wearing them as jewelry. This will ensure they are always active and ready to support your intention-setting practice.

Post Author: Steve Gonzalez