10 Ideas for Upgrading Your Brick Fireplace

Brick fireplaces make an elegant centerpiece to any home, yet over time can become outdated and worn down. Here are 10 ideas to revitalize your hearth!

Painting your fireplace can give it a completely different appearance. Choose a heat-resistant paint in the color of your choice to completely transform its brick surface!

1. Paint

An easy DIY project, adding new paint to an aging brick fireplace is the perfect way to breathe new life into it without incurring expensive remodeling costs.

Choose a color that complements the rest of the room, such as white paint for its ability to brighten spaces while creating modern styles; but you could also experiment with creamy off-white or light gray shades.

Before painting begins, use a degreaser to ensure a thorough surface clean-up by eliminating loose soot, dust and other unwanted grits that might seep through to your new finish. A stain-blocking oil primer may help prevent future soot stains on the brick surface from leaching through; additionally clean all paintbrushes and rollers thoroughly prior to topcoating using an angled tip brush for getting into tight spaces near mortar lines.

2. Tile

Tile offers many design benefits to fireplaces. It is simple to maintain, heat-resistant, and offers multiple color and pattern choices to give any fireplace a classic or modern aesthetic.

Your fireplace’s surround and hearth areas can benefit from tile decor, while its firebox (known as firebox area ) should use different materials that will withstand extreme temperatures without damage from extreme temperatures, such as stone, ceramic, porcelain or brick materials.

Brick-look tiles create a classic aesthetic, while pebble and stone-look tiles bring sophistication. To add more texture, try herringbone patterns or black chevron mosaics – they can all be installed without breaking the bank!

3. Concrete Overlay

An attractive brick fireplace is one of the hallmarks of home comfort, especially when in good condition. However, an outdated, stained or otherwise damaged hearth can detract from its overall appeal and become an eyesore that detracts from your property’s overall appeal and becomes an eyesore.

There are various ways you can upgrade a fireplace, from painting it, adding an extension mantelpiece and even covering the hearth with stones.

Limewash treatments with an old chalk feel are a popular solution, making for quick and easy DIY projects that give brick surfaces an instant facelift. Other techniques may include faux German Smear Treatment or Acid Wash to achieve that weathered, rustic appearance – both work great with modern decor.

4. Herringbone

Herringbone is an elegant, timeless design that never goes out of fashion. Depending on its shade of wood and plank size, herringbone patterns can fit right in at home in modern city homes, country cottages or traditional interiors.

Herringbone tessellation is an eye-catching geometric design, perfect for brick masonry, flooring and other materials. The herringbone’s distinctive zig-zag shape works beautifully on both long and short layouts; diagonal herringbone patterns look especially striking.

5. Inset Shelves

Brick fireplaces can be the centerpiece of a living or family room, yet if they don’t fit with your decor style they can quickly become an eyesore. Luckily, there are numerous ways to update and revitalize its appearance.

One popular approach to creating an eye-catching fireplace wall is painting it a light shade with crown molding for a timeless effect that pairs well with home decor on the mantel or an eye-catching piece of art hanging above.

Limewashing your brick fireplace is another easy, quick, and inexpensive way to refresh it quickly and affordably. Similar to painting, limewashing gives the brick an aged, weathered appearance. For a more permanent finish, German smear treatment offers easy DIY options – the brick stains look natural without inhibiting performance or maintenance needs; so they provide low-maintenance solutions.

6. Metal Accents

Metal accents are a surefire way to give any fireplace a modern, chic edge. Available in various finishes such as gold, silver and bronze hues – there’s sure to be one perfect for you.

If farmhouse decor is your style, consider creating a whitewashed brick fireplace. Whitewashing a brick fireplace is a good option for your home. Paneling the wood up to crown molding adds an eye-catching element that draws the eye upward, giving the room an airier feeling.

If you want to add warmth and color without making the firehouse the focal point, try painting or hanging an eye-catching work of art above the mantel – both options add extra character and can easily be taken down or changed when your tastes evolve.

7. Stone Veneer

Painting or staining are excellent ways to revitalize a brick fireplace, but stone veneer offers even greater transformation without needing to tear it down first.

Manufactured stone veneer is designed to resemble full-sized natural stone but is much lighter and easier to install. Usually installed over corrosion-resistant metal lath and then given an additional coat of mortar by trowelling it on.

Stone veneer can add tremendous resale value to your home, with 94% of costs being recovered through one study. Not only is this eco-friendly material easy to install and maintain – periodic inspection and cleaning should suffice – it’s also fireproof and noncombustible making it perfect for busy families.

8. Floating Hearth

Hearths have long been seen as essential gathering spaces, providing warmth and a place for people to meet up in comfort and warmth. But modern fireplace hearths no longer simply serve their original function of providing warmth: today they also convey an airy sensation while opening up design possibilities galore.

Concrete hearths are an affordable and long-term option that are both durable. You can either purchase one preformed or create it yourself using Portland cement and a form.

A non-combustible hearth is required if you install your fireplace into a recessed wall or built into the side of your home, with many popular materials like soapstone proving durable, stylish, and heat resistant. For an even more custom look consider installing one with overlap fit doors; this style of door mounts to both sides and bottom of your firebox opening for quick assembly and disassembly.

9. Built-In Storage

Storage solutions can add both style and function to a room, saving space while disguising clutter. A hinged-top bench or locker-style cabinets can keep an entryway from looking like an unorganized mess of keys, bags, scarves and other miscellany.

Installing built-in storage can also make your home more energy efficient, especially if used to store hazardous chemicals stored in the firebox of the fireplace. Smart fireplaces offer another option that uses similar fireplace technology but can be managed via smartphone control.

These units cost between $425 and $4,500 and operate similarly to gas, wood or electric fireplaces but are more energy-efficient. You can even control them remotely so you can shut your fireplace off before leaving home! They can be installed in new homes or replace an existing fireplace.

10. Add a Mantel Extension

Brick fireplaces can add charm and architectural interest to homes of any design aesthetic; rustic, farmhouse, traditional homes – they even make great statements in modern architecture! Take your brick hearth’s stylish potential one step further with these 10 easy ideas for upgrading its mantel and surround.

Paint can transform the appearance of any fireplace quickly and affordably, providing it with a major makeover. Consider selecting bold hues to make an eye-catching statement or opt for neutral tones that work with any decor theme.

Shiplap paneling extends the mantel area and adds texture that complements farmhouse, modern or preppy styles. It draws the eye upward, which helps make ceilings seem higher and rooms seem larger; making this look ideal for small spaces or those lacking an actual fireplace.

Post Author: Steve Gonzalez