Solid Ways to Remove Dog Fur from Your Home Carpets – A Simple Guide

Are you wondering how to clean dog hair on carpets? It can be very embarrassing for owners to have their dogs run around all over their living room carpet and soil the expensive floor coverings. Dog hair is also a real problem when it grows over the expensive rugs in guest rooms, hallways, or any other room that may have a dog or two.

The good news is that there are many easy to use, quick, and effective methods for cleaning dog hair from carpets. These simple techniques will make your life much easier. If you live in an apartment, it is impossible to keep your furniture and rugs totally clean as they become a breeding ground for dust mites and other health problems for your family.

To combat this problem, vacuuming is a necessity. For those with pets, there are specially designed vacuum cleaners that are used specifically for carpeting. The first technique for cleaning dog hair on carpets is to use a solution consisting of one part vinegar to two parts water.

This solution should be applied to a sponge and then wiped over the area being treated. Repeat this process until no more hair is shed. Do not saturate the carpet with the solution. The solution should just be damp enough to remove the hairs. Once you have finished cleaning the area, thoroughly dry it with a clean towel.

Cleaning dog hair on carpets can be harder if you have a really dirty carpet. If the dog hair has been shed and dries quickly, you can use a mild dish detergent to wash it. They work the detergent into the fibers using a spray bottle, then scrub it in circular movements. Wipe away any residue that is left behind.

If the dog hair on your carpet is stubborn, you may need to go into the carpet’s underlayment. Look for a mild shampoo or dish detergent, and follow the directions. Make sure you rinse thoroughly and then blot the carpet with a paper towel before applying the second coat of solution.

Allow this coat of solution to sit on the carpet for at least one hour before vacuuming. You may need to do a third cleaning of your carpet if it is dusty or filled with debris. In this case, you will need a power washer. Apply the cleaning agent and wipe over the area you just worked in using the sprayer.

Be sure to do the entire carpet, making sure to get out all of the dirt and debris. When cleaning dog hair on carpets, it is important to remember that your dog and carpet should always be kept separate. This means that you should not allow your dog to run freely inside the house while you are cleaning up their mess.

If you must allow them to play in the house while you are cleaning up their mess, be sure to wash their paws and tails before bringing them outside. This will prevent your dog from getting fleas and ticks on their fur while you are cleaning their carpet.

The worst thing you can do to help keep your dog’s hair off of your carpet is to let your dog jump on it. This may seem like a logical explanation, but dogs will jump on any surface that they can find because they are after something. For my sincere suggestion, I must mention that I vouch for this Toronto-based carpet cleaning team simply because they removed dog hair from my rugs and carpets in such a neat, effective and simple manner.

If you leave them on a hard floor without a cushion, they might actually jump onto your couch. Always keep them off of hard surfaces, and you will enjoy having clean floors where you clean up your dog’s mess.

Post Author: Steve Gonzalez